Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

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Bonus Packs
Replace one of the six default Outsmarted categories, with our Game of Thrones category pack!
Dive into the heart of Westeros with Game of Thrones, our newest question pack devoted entirely to the epic saga. Are you savvy enough to recall the intricate alliances and betrayals that shaped the Seven Kingdoms? Each question in this pack hurls you back into the richly woven tapestry of George R.R. Martin's universe, challenging your knowledge of the grand houses, formidable characters, legendary battles, and dramatic plot twists. Designed for superfans and casual viewers alike, this pack is your chance to relive the epic journey, proving your worth in the race for the Iron Throne. Ready to battle wits instead of White Walkers? Your journey through Westeros starts here!

Question Count: 100 image questions
Age Suitability: Adults & Teens only


Upon purchase, you will immediately receive an email with your  redeem code to allow you to activate the pack instantly in the Outsmarted app. 


** Game box, game board & dice
** Six hand-painted 3D genius miniature figurines
** Folding Outsmarted tablet stand
** Outsmarted app & all future app updates
** License Key - unique to each game owner
** 6,500+ interactive, multi-media questions
** Free bonus question categories
** Free lifetime product support

THE FAMILY BUNDLE (Includes $30 of additional question categories)

The Family Bundle includes an additional 800 questions across 8 exciting family-friendly question packs, with great questions for Juniors, Teens and Adults:

⏱️ Spelling Bee
⏱️ The Logo Quiz
⏱️ Man's Best Friend
⏱️ Strangest Things

⏱️ Where on Earth
⏱️ Harry Potter
⏱️ Cars
⏱️ Who Said That

THE BIG BUNDLE  (Includes $60 of additional question categories)

The Big Bundle includes an additional 3,500 questions across 16 exciting question packs.

8 of the additional packs are Adult & Teen only packs, with over 2,700 additional questions:

⏱️ Movie Music
⏱️ Before They Were Famous
⏱️ Sports & Leisure
⏱️ History, Politics & Geography
⏱️ Entertainment
⏱️ Science & Nature
⏱️ Lifestyle & Culture
⏱️ Business & Technology

Along with 8 family-friendly packs, with great questions for Juniors, Teens and Adults:

⏱️ Spelling Bee
⏱️ The Logo Quiz
⏱️ Mans Best Friend
⏱️ Strangest Things
⏱️ Where on Earth
⏱️ Harry Potter
⏱️ Cars
⏱️ Who Said That

Device Types

Outsmarted can run on the following devices:

iPhone / iPad / Android mobile / Android tablet / Windows PC / Chromebook 

Supported Operating systems

Outsmarted is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Minimum Requirements

* Requires internet connection
* iOS 14 or greater
* Android 9 or greater
* Windows 10 or greater
* 2GB of RAM (3GB recommended)

Device Connection

Only one main device is required to play. You can then connect up to 6 additional devices to the main device as handheld quiz controllers for an even more interactive gameplay experience. 

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A small sample of our many 5 star Trust Pilot reviews from across the globe:

The best game I've played in over 20 years!!!!

This is such an awesome game! Has an incredible range of categories and it's great they get updated; Breaking News for example. Finally, a game where people haven't memorised answers on cards. You never know what interesting and or wacky question will come up. It's great you can pick and choose what to set of categories to play and send the game code to friends and family to play alongside you. Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys quiz games. Best game I've played in over 20 years!!!!!

Xavier Nichols, Trust Pilot

We love this game

WE LOVE THIS GAME, we're a family who love to quiz, my daughter got me this game for Christmas its a great game tons of questions, it's a great laugh and being able to play against other family members around the country is great. Customer support are great and very quick to help. Gives it a personal touch. I'd 100% recommend this game to everyone.

Kelly Nicole Garety, Trust Pilot

One of the best board games there is

One of the best board games there is. And to make it interactive as well as remote, is genius. The team that designed this are top of their game and can’t wait for more addons. Great stuff!

Dave Hunt, Trust Pilot

Fantastic game for all the family

I have been seeing Outsmarted on Facebook for a while and decided to get it. This game is excellent, bought all the questions packs there are so many questions it’s unreal and such good fun, me and my family have been playing it most the night. Customer service is amazing, so fast and friendly. If your thinking of buying this - DO IT!! You won’t be disappointed.

Matt, Trust Pilot

Outsmarted the Game

This is a game that’s a cross between who wants to be a millionaire and trivial pursuit. It’s played on your phone or the master device can cast to a compatible tv. Was a godsend during lockdown and players can also play remotely.

Worth every cent in my opinion.

Gary, Trust Pilot

Outsmarted the Game

Outsmarted! is our favourite family game! With family all over the UK and the US we can all connect together virtually and enjoy playing along. I love the fact the game has evolved and developed since receiving the game back in December 2020. It keeps it fresh and exciting, particularly as we play very regularly. Also, my experience with their customer service is second to none!

Rachael Carrott, Trust Pilot

Unlike Trivial Pursuit the questions are... 

Unlike Trivial pursuit the question are regularly updated especially Breaking news. The update to the music round makes for a very exciting game that is always up to date. You can play remotely via your phone joining multiple players or teams.

S Howell, Trust Pilot

A game we keep coming back to and it keeps getting better

We have had the game for just over a year. Played it heavily over Christmas 2020 and during the lockdowns, my family loved playing it and would ask to play regularly. Was excellent to play remotely during lockdowns and will be improved with the virtual game board. Didn't play as much during the summer, but came back to it over Christmas. The app has improved with new features, a new game mode, and new questions. As its online, the game can be updated and the breaking news category means there's is always current questions. The developers are always looking to improve and have taken feedback well to improve the game. Can't recommend enough!!!

Neil White, Trust Pilot

Excellent for Remote Play & connecting family

This has been such a great game to bring households and family together. It really is suitable for all ages and the questions are pitched perfectly. The regular updates have made the playing experience slicker and slicker and a great experience for all players.

Carol Bryant, Trust Pilot

Outsmarted is a brilliant game!

I took a chance and bought it in its infancy when the company were crowd funding. I’m so glad I did - we played it so much during lockdown with family members that we couldn’t visit but we’ve also played it loads since. The questions get updated so are always current and there are different ways to play too. You definitely won’t be disappointed by this game.

Julie Bickle, Trust Pilot



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